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    Stereo-3D Screenshots
    See my Stereo 3D-Screenshots made with triple monitor (sourround) viewing.
    You need either red-blue glasses, TriDef3D-Software or similar.
    Of course, there is no requirement to use multi monitors for viewing.



    Panoramic Screenshots
    See my Panoshots (Panoramic Screenshots), where you can pan around 360 degrees.
    See also the Virtual Reality Walkthrough of a fan level for THIEF I.
    Most parts of this site can be viewed with Internet Explorer 4, Mozilla/Netscape 4 or Opera 7 or later versions.


    InGame Videos

    Captured Action in Games
    My video captured from game Mafia (Audio comments in German).

    A race with a truck trough an American city in the 1930th.



    Game Maps
    Mafia & Morrowind maps



    All fonts used on this site except Carleton THIEF font and the Windows XP Fonts are embedded by use of WEFT and can be viewed without any fonts installation by use of Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. You only need to install Carleton font, which cannot be embedded, if you want to view it.
    If you use another browser (Firefox, Opera, ...), you need to install all fonts for viewing, if you want to read this site or post in this fonts on the forum.
    If you want more information of your installed fonts, e.g. if it is emeddable in a web-page, I recommend to install Font properties extension on Windows.


    WoW Fonts

    This site use the Wow Fonts (optional):
    No, no preview or review.
    Just to show you the great Folkard font.

    The main WoW-Fonts from Blizzard can be found in your World of Warcraft installation folder in subfolder Fonts. If you want to use them outside the game, e.g. to view the fonts on this site, please install them (Morpheus is also embedded - See not about WEFT above).
    The fantastic folcard font, you can see in the image can be downloaded


    Thief Fonts

    This site use the Thief Fonts (optional):
    Thief fonts come to you courtesy of Dan (Digi). He believes they are the fonts used in the scrolls and books in Thief - thought to have been submitted by an LGSer.
    Thief by The Riddler Font is the font used in icons like this one on the left side. Please note my installation info included in the package!
    Still Time Fonts comes from Ray Larabie, which are similar to the Riddler font.

    To install the font on Windows Machines:
    Note where you store the downloaded font
    Locate the download ( using Windows Explorer or 'My Computer' and unzip it.
    Click the Windows 'Start' button, and select 'Settings...Control Panel'
    Double-click on 'Fonts' in the Control Panel window
    On the Fonts window, click on 'File...Install New Font'
    By double-clicking on the 'Folders' scroll box, find the folder where you stored the extracted downloaded fonts, mark all 10 fonts by shift+mouse click.
    The font should appear in the 'List of Fonts' scroll box.
    Click on the 'OK' button.
    You can use these font with any software that support windows fonts, like Word and IE.


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